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Individual Counselling ages 11-17

This age group can experience many challenges. The pressures of growing up and figuring out who they are and want to be, desire to fit in with peers, exam stress and the pressures of social media. 

Feelings can lead to depression, identity issues, overwhelm, stress and anxiety, low self-esteem, bad habits, issues with sleep, disordered eating and relational difficulties.

If you are or have a young person who is struggling then counselling could help.

Counselling for this age group works similarly to adult therapy.

It is based on developing a relationship of trust and openness, using active listening, reflecting back, and asking questions. The idea is to open up new perspectives, as well as help your child focus on their strengths. Sessions can include practical exercises to help your child deal with their thoughts and emotions.

The young person can benefit from counselling in the following ways;

  • Offer the opportunity for them to  figure out who they are and what they want to be

  • Have unbiased support for issues they are facing like bullying

  • LGBTQ+ issues

  • Improve communication skills

  • Develop their self-expression 

  • Learn the ability to see bigger perspectives

  • Help them recognise their own values

  • Gather tools to raise their confidence

  • Understand how to manage their thoughts and emotions

  • Learn to focus on their strengths and not just their weaknesses

  • Develop coping skills to manage the challenges ahead


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