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Group Workshops/Counselling Age 11-17 yrs

I facilitate weekly groups over a six week period with maximum number of 8 participants.

These group based workshops create an ecosystem of positive peer support and reassurance and can help by offering tools and skills to hep with the day to day.

They offer a safe space for this age group to

  • Address their concerns and be heard 

  • Learn interpersonal skills

  • Resist negative peer pressure

  • Encourage self expression

  • Develop emotional assertiveness

  • Grow their social confidence

  • Improve communication skills

  • Help improve relationships 

  • Reduce stress


Groups will be created taking into account the preference of the individual in regards to age, gender and main presenting issue. 

Themes include - bullying, study skills, body image, self awareness, peer relationships, conflict resolution, anxiety, identity conflicts etc.

Firm boundaries are established from the outset that include a contract stating confidentiality, no teasing/mocking, listening with respect, accepting differences in opinion & expectations.

A pack of helpful handouts will be provided.

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